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Coronavirus has fundamentally changed how we live our lives and how we all live and work. Once the shock of the pandemic has subsided, more and more people will find they are spending less time at the office and more time working from home.  Some may find they no longer have an office to go back to and for them, it will be a case of work from home, or have no work at all.

Once companies learn to trust their staff, and see the financial savings of no longer having to carry the financial burden of large offices, we will see a profound change in the way we work and live and a blurring of home life and office life.

Some people will thrive in this environment, others will not. We cannot however turn back the clock, and as the daily commute goes the way of the manual typewriter, we will have to reconfigure our homes and gardens to suit this new/old way of doing things.

At Your Space Finder we help you find temporary office space, a holiday and vacation rental, or help you make best use of the space you have at home, and set up a home office to suit your work and your lifestyle.

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Forthcoming launch of our new Nordic Design Review Site

Hi all just a heads up that we will shortly be launching a sister site specialising in Nordic designs.

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Herman Miller Embody Chair Review 2020

We have learnt in 2020 to value quality and workmanship over environmentally damaging, disposable consumerism, this chair totally aligns with that eth...

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Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review 2020

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

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NOUHAUS ergonomic chair

How to put together your new NOUHAUS chair

To help you we have pulled together the NOUHAUS manufacturer guides for putting together your new chair. We hope they help.


NOUHAUS Ergo3d Ergonomic Office Chair Review

For us the NOUHAUS Ergo3D ergonomic office chair is the real deal. It is built to last, and built for comfort and in our opinion it fully delivers on ...