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     Office Space Calculator

The following forms provide two methods of calculating your office space needs. The first is based upon general rules of thumb. The second goes into greater detail and is more accurate. Using both methods will provide you with a range of your probable requirement. Please note, the results will be in usable square footage. Any load factors will have to be added.

 Rules of Thumb Method

Number of Employees:

Efficient Typical Spacious

Extraordinary requirements: square feet

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Detailed Calculation Method

of employees

Typical President's office or Chairman of the Board (300 sf)

Typical Vice-President's Office (200 sf)

Typical Executive's Office (120 sf)

Partitioned Open Space

Open Area Bullpen

Other Areas

Conference Rooms Seating for:

Mail / Work Rooms 10 X 12 ft.

Reception Area Seating:

File Rooms 10 X 12 ft. (up to 11 standard file cabinets)

Libraries 10 X 20 ft.

Lunch Rooms Seating:
(use 1 for kitchen without seating)

Coffee Bars

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